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XcelleratE Vision

Our Vision

We envision a world where achieving excellence isn't just a goal—it's a responsibility.



XcelleratE Mission
XcelleratE Partners & Affiliations

Our Partners & Affiliations

We're committed to bring you the best fit-for-purpose solutions, through our partnerships and affiliations.

Our Mission

We're dedicated to driving positive change by seamlessly blending excellence with sustainability. By empowering excellence and making it accessible for all, we create a holistic approach that encompasses personal growth, organizational success, and a positive contribution to the world.


Empowering Excellence in the Virtual Realm

Since its establishment in May 2023, XcelleratE is pioneering a new era of consultancy, tailored for the online landscape. As a boutique consultancy firm based in Ireland, we are dedicated to propelling excellence and guiding companies on their transformative journey of continuous improvement. We've seamlessly woven together online knowledge transfer and virtual solution implementation to cultivate capabilities and drive tangible outcomes for our clients.

At the heart of our approach lies the power of Excellence Models and Principles. Notably, the esteemed Shingo Model has proven its capacity to revolutionize organizational culture, fostering improvement and enduring success. Our very own XcelleratE CaaS model draws its inspiration from the Shingo Model's dimensions, principles, and insights. With this foundation, we equip individuals, teams, and organizations with the essential tools, knowledge, and unwavering support to transcend their limits and achieve unprecedented heights.

Empowering excellence isn't just a tagline for us — it's a guiding philosophy.


Our mission revolves around more than just driving improvements; it's about instilling the drive for sustained success

XcelleratE Values


Meet XcelleratE Principal

Nancy Nouaimeh

After a career in the corporate world, among which 17 years in a leadership role, and an international experience in research, excellence models assessment, consultancy, mentorship and voluntary roles for more than a decade, my passion for "doing things differently", led me to embark on the journey of establishing Xcellerate CaaS, putting my experience of more than 25 years at the service of companies, knowing that what makes an organization succeed is challenging the status quo, and rectifying the unbalanced conditions that exist, through innovative solutions that re-establish balance between the different elements constituting the work environment of today's organizations. My belief is that organizations of any size and type will excel, when they prioritize the establishment of a culture of balance, a culture where actions are taken and are directed towards the purpose of the organization, well-being of its people, collaboration for success, and are value-driven. A Chartered Business Excellence Expert (B.Ex., Ireland), Certified Organizational Excellence Specialist (OES, Canada) and a long-term member leader of the American Society for Quality (ASQ, USA). I have participated for more than 15 years in National, International and Government Excellence Awards & assessed more than 40 public and private entities. In 2022, I was Awarded the Global Women in Leadership Award from GCPIT. ​ I have a blended expertise in leadership, mentorship, integrated systems design and process improvement. I believe in making Excellence a Habit, for individual and teams, through systems that drive the ideal behavior.  ​ Let us start your journey towards Resilience, Excellence and Sustainability together! Nancy Nouaimeh


Our Team

Let us introduce you to our Lead Consultants, who lead our consultancy modules and teams.

Partners & Affiliations

Shingo Institute Licensed Affiliate
Global Benchmarking Network
Organizational Excellence Specialists
Organizational Excellence Specialists
Ireland Small Medium Enterprises
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Association of International Project Management Officers
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