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Excellence at a Click

All your consultancy needs and more, in an all-inclusive plan.
We offer you a seamless, collaborative and secure consulting experience.
With XcelleratE, you pay for what you need. 

Multidisciplinary modules for your company-wide improvement

With our XcelleratE Subscription Plans, you will have access to a team of experts and consultants with multinational experience at your fingertips. Our consultants have years of experience in the consultancy modules offered. They possess the knowledge and skillset to help your business succeed in today's competitive global economy. 

Secure client portal & payment methods

We offer secure Payment and Client Portals to make it easy for our clients to securely make payments, collaborate and share files without worrying about data breaches. Our Client Portal uses the latest encryption technologies to ensure that all data is protected and secure. With our secure Client Portal, our clients can rest easy knowing their data is safe and secure.

Scalable for your evolving business needs

We understand the importance of scalability in order to meet your evolving business needs and support future growth. Our flexible plans provide our clients with the option to upgrade, as their needs and plans evolve.

Digital collaborative tools for a great user experience

We offer a suite of digital, collaborative tools to work together more effectively and efficiently. Our tools provide a great user experience and make it easy to collaborate on projects, share documents, and communicate quickly and securely. They are perfect to keep projects on track and ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

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International Expertise





XcelleratE Subscription Plans Foundational Features

Choice of

Choice of Consultancy Modules 

XcelleratE CaaS is a choice for leaders and businesses looking for specialized advice on how to get the most out of their operations. Our services are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We provide a wide range of consulting services that can help you improve your business processes, develop strategies and optimize your performance.


Tools Implementation

We are here to support your plans. Based on your goals, your objectives and your choice of consultancy module(s), we provide you with the right Tools to help you improve your processes and implement new best practices. We use the PDCA methodology to guarantee the best outcome.

Assessment & Improvement Roadmap

Initial Assessment & Improvement Roadmap

We are passionate about helping our clients to transform their businesses for the better. We provide our clients with the resources they need to improve and build their capabilities, with a focus on developing the right roadmap and plan to achieve their objectives. Our team of experienced professionals have the skills and experience to help your business become more successful and efficient.

Discussion Forum 
Secure Portal

Discussion Forum & Secure Portal

We are committed to providing our clients with the very best service.  With an individualized client portal and online exchange, we are able to keep our clients up to date with the progress of their projects and ensure that they are always in the loop. Our team of experienced professionals have the technical and business acumen to handle any project, no matter how complex.

Advisory & Coaching

Online Advisory & Coaching Sessions

We specialize in an a collaborative approach to help individuals and organizations develop and execute plans for success, and provide knowledge transfer and coaching to support improvement and the reach of optimal performance.
Whether you’re a small company at the beginning of your journey or a more established business, we are here to work closely with you and help you succeed.

Higher Plan... Higher Value

Systems Development

Systems Development 

We designed modules customized to align with a wide range of disciplines and improvement methodologies, enabling us to provide advisory support and resources to elevate your existing systems and their processes or devise strategies for the development and seamless integration of novel systems.

Educational Workshop

Educational Workshop Development


We offer additional educational workshops as part of our services, customized to each client's needs, to help them stay up-to-date and to projects implementation success.

Advanced Plan Specifics

Alignment Review 

Strategic Alignment Review Session

We designed services to meet the needs of each business we work with, making sure to provide the most effective solutions that will help them reach their unique goals. We included the strategic alignment reviews to ensure that their strategies are aligned with their goals and objectives.


CSR Match

We believe that CSR is more than just a buzzword and that companies have the power to make meaningful change. That’s why, in addition to providing our clients with the best advice and guidance on CSR programs and collaboration, we ourselves, walk the talk and provide complementary support to non-profit organizations as part of our advanced plan.

Learn More About Each Feature

To provide you with the best value through our subscription model, we have divided the consultancy modules and systems. This division aims to offer clarity and guidance on the tools and systems from which you could benefit. Our goal is to help you create the optimal conditions for your success.

How: For all our clients, regardless of the subscription plan, we initiate the process with an initial assessment session to understand the current status, "As Is" status.

However, the session's duration varies based on the subscription plan – monthly or annual.

The plan chosen triggers a different engagement approach:

- Short-term Engagement

- Long-term Engagement (Refer to the illustration below)

While the objective of the initial assessment session remains consistent – identifying your needs, defining the desired "To Be" status, and establishing the improvement plan to collaborate on – the plans' durations set the engagement tone.

In all the improvement plans we develop for our clients, our focus remains on value, processes over individuals, and facts over assumptions.

XcelleratE long-term engagement approach
Long-term Engagement Approach
Onboarding Process

Collaboration & Planning


XcelleratE Exchange Forum & Community Engagement
Microsoft Office
Virtual Office Documents, Process & Project 

Online Collaboration & Problem-solving
Online Diagramming & Collaboration


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