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XcelleratE Consultancy Modules

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Unlocking Solutions:
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XcelleratE Subscription Consultancy Modules

Methodologies Integrated In The Design Of Our Solutions 

Agile Planning

Long-lasting and effective improvements require consistent effort and a steady pace to reach goals. For our annual subscribers, we apply agile planning to maintain a sustainable pace of work that yields the best results while providing you with the flexibility to adjust your plans according to the needs of your organization. Our approach to problem-solving combines in-depth research and data analysis with agile planning, allowing us to provide tailored solutions to meet your individual needs.

Co-Creation Through Design Thinking 

Our consultants believe in the power of collaboration, recognizing that effective solutions emerge from working closely with you and engaging in meaningful dialogue with your team. By partnering with us, you will embark on a co-creation journey, where we diligently seek new ways to help you succeed. Our commitment lies in understanding your needs, utilizing design thinking tools and techniques to develop customized solutions tailored to your unique situation.

The Power of Systems Thinking

We coach your team on the importance and application of Systems Thinking to help your business reach the next level. By collaborating with us, your team will learn to understand the relationships between the elements of your systems and benefit in the following ways:

Exploring new opportunities: Finding new ways to identify problems quickly, testing new solutions to these problems, improving efficiency, and developing new ideas and innovations.


Making realistic plans: Understanding how the system and its elements interact helps the team set more achievable plans and goals, taking into consideration the interconnectivity and interdependence of different departments and activities.


Designing more efficient systems: The different departments and projects can be integrated into a new system's design. One system's activities can positively impact another's, and future designs should emphasize this cooperative ability

Sustainable Success Through 

Change Management 

Making your projects successful depends on your team's ability and capability to change swiftly. Our consultancy approach is based on deploying Change Management practices and utilizing well-established standards as an inherent part of our advisory services to enhance your organization's readiness for any new system.

This approach helps achieve the following benefits:

  1. Increases engagement, morale, and preparedness within the organization.

  2. Accelerates and maximizes performance during and after the change process.

  3. Optimizes the long-term sustainability of the new system.

Systems thinking is a discipline for seeing wholes. It is a framework for seeing interrelationships rather than things, for seeing ‘patterns of change’ rather than static ‘snapshots.’            

                                                                                                         _ Peter Senge

The ISO Integrated Management System Manual for Triple Certifications Success

Implementing an Integrated Management System (IMS) is the smart choice for organizations seeking excellence in quality, environmental responsibility, and workplace safety. With unmatched expertise, an impeccable track record, and exceptional value, we leverage 25 years of experience and excellence in supporting our clients implement an effective IMS and get certified.


if you're interested in learning more about the structure of the Integrated Management System manual and how it can be seamlessly implemented within your organization, please don't hesitate to submit a request. Our team of experts is here to provide you with in-depth information, guidance, and support to ensure a smooth and successful integration of the system into your organization's processes. Your journey toward excellence starts with a simple request. Contact us today to take the first step.

Download the ISO Documents Structure

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XcelleratE Consultancy Modules:
Your Path to Success!

"Organizations design systems with the intent of achieving specific results, and they select tools to support those systems"

XcelleratE Subscription Model Benefits

_Shingo Institute

Human-Centric Workplace & People Capabilities

If you are seeking to cultivate a human-centric workplace that prioritizes employees' needs, well-being, and growth, along with fostering a positive, inclusive, collaborative, and supportive culture, then this module is tailored for you!

Through the various systems and focus on human-centricity we enhance internal alignment with the organization's objectives, enabling your employees to reach their full potential and contribute effectively to the organization's success by enhancing productivity, innovation, and overall organizational performance.

List of Systems to choose from:

  • Human-Centered Workplace Design 

  • Employee Engagement & Development 

  • Employee Welfare Management 

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging 

  • Employee Innovation

Note: The list of systems provided under each module represents different consultancy areas that are offered. The list of tools associated with each of these systems can be customized to suit your needs, based on the initial assessment.

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Looking for the best place toStart ?

Still deciding which Module is the best fit for you to start your improvement journey? Book a Discovery Session to find out how best we can help you!

  • Which XcelleratE Consultancy Module should I choose for my company?
    If you're not sure where you should start your Excellence journey, book a free discovery section and our team will discuss the various options with you. Furthermore, during our initial assessment session, we will discuss your needs and together, we will agree on the Module(s) and establish an improvement plan accordingly.
  • How does the XcelleratE Performance Scorecard work?
    The XcelleratE Performance Scorecard (XPS) is a key success ingredient of our model. It is used to track the performance and execution of the improvement plan agreed with our clients. Updated weekly after every session, it gives visibility on the work completed, the results and progress.
  • Is the list of tools provided exhaustive?
    The list of systems provided under each module represents different consultancy areas that are offered. The list of tools associated with each of these systems can be customized to suit your needs, based on the initial assessment.
  • How can I schedule an advisory session once I subscribe?
    You will receive an email within 48 hours after subscribing, with instructions to book advisory sessions.
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