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Empowering Excellence




We provide you with Expert Guidance & Support through our Subscription Model and Plans. Our mission is to help you continuously enhance the quality of your services and products, all while building the robust systems and internal capabilities necessary to elevate your business performance and ensure sustainable results.


Let's get you started! 

Is your company facing challenges in creating a plan of action, possibly due to limitations in resources, differing opinions on the problem, or a lack of experience in addressing it?

Is your company trying to improve in areas like product quality, customer satisfaction, or unit cost? Are you concerned that you might not have the necessary abilities to expand successfully?

We offer our Continuous Improvement Expertise to guide and support your team in building a solid foundation for excellence, integrating business success with social and environmental responsibility. Our experts will help optimize your processes, enhance product/service quality, and foster innovation while aligning with international standards. Our collaborative approach tailors solutions unique to your organization by partnering with key functions and representatives from various teams, such as Quality, Organizational Excellence, Safety, HR, Environment, and Sustainability.


Meaningful Changes... Big Impact 

Embrace Excellence

Empower for Continuous Improvement

Build Systems for Sustainable Success

Striving for organizational resilience, excellence, and sustainability? We assist you in identifying improvements areas and providing you with impactful methods to enhance quality, safety, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and profits. Whether you're navigating Quality 4.0, Industry 4.0, Lean 4.0, or pursuing high excellence levels, we work closely with you to assess, plan, build team skills, execute your plans, identify success factors, and reshape your organizational culture for a brighter future.

The consultancy models we offer are aligned with the Body of Knowledge of renowned institutions and models, such as the Shingo Institute, the Lean Certification Alliance (SME) and the American Society for Quality.

Your Partner in Continuous Improvement

Recognizing that every challenge is distinct. We craft tailored solutions that align perfectly with your goals and needs. ​


Our approach initially emphasizes tools suitable for the early stages of your continuous improvement journey. As progress is made, the focus naturally transitions towards establishing robust and interconnected systems to ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services. Ultimately, the aim is to embrace internationally recognized Excellence Frameworks.


Our role is to facilitate the attainment of quick wins as you embark on the path of adopting best practices, cultivating desired behaviors, and attaining Organizational Excellence. And we offer our services in English, French and Dutch

XcelleratE EMPACTS Methodology

“Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed – the culture reflects the realities of PEOPLE working together every day."

                                                _ Frances Hesselbein

When your culture transforms, you experience:

  • Improved employee engagement & retention rates

  • Increased productivity

  • Enhanced innovation

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Effective change management

  • Stronger leadership

  • Ethical behavior and trust

  • Organizational resilience & better adaptability

  • Alignment with goals

  • Positive reputation & attractive employer brand

Experience the True Impact of Culture Transformation

Leaving organizational culture to evolve on its own can result in unpredictable and potentially negative outcomes.


Our consultancy services emphasize the importance of intentionally designing and cultivating organizational cultures. By doing so, we ensure that the culture aligns seamlessly with your organization's specific objectives.


We design your systems so that they support alignment and collaboration, drive positive behaviors among your team members and create an environment that nurtures growth and success.

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Nancy Nouaimeh, MD, XcelleratE CaaS 

"In all matters of life and business, balance matters. It builds trust in relationships, collaboration between teams, equilibrium for sustainable growth and especially an objective view of the present, to build better for the future. I believe that in order to create a bright future, organizations need to understand their current capabilities and build on them to match this future aspiration in a manner that balances business outcomes with value for all stakeholders, including the society and our planet".

Why XcelleratE CaaS?

XcelleratE CaaS, the "Consultancy as a Service" subscription model is designed to provide high-touch online consulting services and the implementation of customized consultancy solutions, with a menu of options to respond to your immediate needs, while still planning for your longer continuous improvement journey to achieve Excellence.


You can count on our team to act as your External Continuous Improvement Experts. Our success is built on powerful virtual collaboration tools, adapting the regular consultancy approach with a blend of online knowledge transfer approach to build capabilities, providing flexibility, proximity, and scalability in partnering with our clients.

Building Excellence:
Five Consultancy Modules To Fuel Your Success!

All five modules offered in our plans, are company-wide disciplines, important for any company that is looking for a transformational and sustainable improvement in performance and results. We help you focus on both Execution and Performance, equally.

Whether you choose to start with the “Quick-Wins”, the “Foundation” or the “Advanced” plan, we offer five consultancy modules to choose from and frame our services to your organization, focusing on aligning the outcome with your strategic objectives, and providing the tactics needed to improve your current systems or advise on the implementation of new ones.


The "Customized Enterprise Plan" for Organizational Excellence is more suited for those organizations who want to kick-off their Excellence Journey or improve their Excellence maturity level. 

Five Consultancy Modules 

to choose from


we integrate in our solutions design


Sustainability & ESG


Design Thinking & Innovation

Design Thinking & Innovation

Performance Metrics & Reporting

Performance Metrics & Reporting

Human-Centric Workplace & People Capabilities
Human-Centric Workplace & People Capabilities

Human-Centric Workplace & People Capabillities

Process Management & Digitalization
Process Management & Digitalization

Process Management & Digitalization

Systems Management & Integration
Systems Management & Integration

Systems Management & Integration

Organizational Excellence
Organizational Excellence

Organizational Excellence

Sustainability & ESG

Sustainability & ESG

Project & Change Management

Project & Change Management


The secret to getting Ahead is getting Started!

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